How disclosure can lure an audience

An unexpected disclosure can really ‘wow’ your audience – here’s a good example I heard recently. Disclosure means controversy, so ‘planned disclosure’ like this may be the place to start.  Classical concertgoers aren’t used to hearing controversy or disclosure from the stage. As @davidlister1 recently pointed out, a programme for an arts event might faithfully […]

Logos, ethos and pathos deployed to win an argument – in two sentences!

Seven-times World Champion motorcyclist Valentino Rossi had been trying an optimistic overtaking manoeuvre when he took out reigning World Champion Casey Stoner at the Spanish MotoGP in 2011. Rossi had apologised to Stoner in the pits after the race, but the matter resurfaced in the press conferences, with Stoner repeating his assertion that Rossi’s “ambition […]