Feedback – truly a gift

In an earlier blog I mentioned how some very well observed feedback had evolved into the basis of my approach to training, mentoring and coaching. “You lead from behind” said my Marketing colleague, and I recognised immediately and instinctively what she meant. It also brought into sharp focus some choices to be made; she hadn’t said I lead from the front, something that classic leadership roles within the organisation called for . . . did I want to tool-up to lead from the front? What about ‘leading from behind’ –  what does that enable, where does that lead me? My choice was the latter, and I’m forever grateful for that very astute and thought-provoking observation.

That feedback was truly an invaluable gift, and for that reason participants on all SustrainUK training programmes receive feedback from both the trainer and their peers.

The other priceless feedback I’ve received? The trainer who commented that my negotiation style “was quite justifying” brought about a re-think about the processes and behaviours of both selling and negotiating, and what it is to be effective, influential and assertive when selling and negotiating.

Lastly, and also on a negotiating course (the first that I ever attended), I vividly recall that trainer’s observation that I was “tidying up deckchairs on the Titanic” when the game was lost in the final throes of a case study. I’m sure a better out-turn could have been negotiated, but nevertheless I learned that the competitive approach wasn’t always appropriate, and that occasionally I’d be better advised to gracefully move on to the next challenge. My subsequent work with conflict models has underlined this early learning, and expanded to form a key part of my approach towards negotiations training.

Feedback, truly a gift.

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