Post Ductus – The story behind “Leading from behind”

Post Ductus is the Latin-inspired name for the blog here at

It means ‘leading from behind’ and neatly sums up my mission in the work I do with clients and participants, namely to introduce a form of supportive resource that complements the existing leadership within the organisation. You might para-phrase it as “I’m right behind you”, providing training, mentoring and coaching to help achieve your goals, be they organisational, professional or personal goals. No-one (neither client nor participant) has ever said to me “What we really need is another leader”, whereas the opportunity for – and benefits of – an external and impartial supportive guiding influence becomes clearer with every commission.

‘Leading from behind’ also captures the feedback I received over the years from successive line managers, and occasionally colleagues, who wanted more from the influence that they saw I could have on groups and teams. It’s a source of constant fulfilment to be able to give that quality full vent now in my chosen vocation.

I’d like to be able to claim that I myself coined the term ‘leading from behind’, but in fact it was a Marketing Director’s observation during an International Leadership course. I’m forever grateful to her for her astute observation, which ranks amongst the Top 3 most useful pieces of feedback that I’ve ever received. I knew immediately how much it resonated, but didn’t realise quite how it would encapsulate my mission, and the campaigning theme it would become . . . a small tweak into Latin and I have the name for my web postings.

PS For the other top-ranking pieces of feedback that I’ve been fortunate to receive, have a look at the post “Feedback – truly a gift”

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