Training that sustains

Welcome. Whether you have opportunities to capitalise upon, unmet objectives, or things that aren’t going quite to plan, I’d be delighted to find out more and discuss the solutions that ‘training that sustains’ could bring to your organisation.

James Garrett,
Trainer, Coach and founder of SustrainUK

Commercial Workbench Training


Examples of training designed to equip commercial practitioners with the processes and skills to create better outcomes. Models and diagnostic tools are used to promote understanding and generate insights, with the emphasis firmly on ‘tooling-up’ and applying the skills back at work to achieve the stated training objectives.

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Personal Effectiveness Training


These modules, originally created to encourage the behaviours that naturally support good selling and negotiating, are now offered in their own right. Appealing to individuals and teams across the organisation, this training is often delivered in conjunction with prevailing themes such as change or conflict, which provide the ‘angle’ from which we tackle the topic.

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Other Training & Facilitation


Perhaps you have an in-house training course that you’d like delivered quickly and efficiently by a professional trainer? Or perhaps you’d like to be trained to run your own training. And if you have a need for energisers and participative exercises for a team awayday or company conference then the trainer’s kitbag can help.

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Engaging Spirits

Please download the PDF files below to learn more about Engaging Spirits Engaging Spirits – Being Assertive Engaging Spirits – Being Assertive Engaging Spirits – Being Influential & Persuasive Engaging Spirits – Stress, Change & Conflict

What our clients say...

“James brings professionalism, intelligence, and authenticity to his coaching work closely linked to his commitment to providing great return for both the individual and their organisation”

Jess Stockford, Professional Development Manager
Arts & Business