Managing for High Performance


Maximising employee performance ensures that resources are used effectively, increasing the likelihood of meeting organisational goals. Further, there is an established link between a well-motivated workforce and company success – and here again the manager’s role is pivotal.

Even better, a ‘High Performance’ culture brings benefits to individuals too, who will be clearer about direction and opportunity at work, and will have a better sense of their own contribution to company success.


1 ½ day


By the end of the training participants will

  • understand a manager’s role in managing performance
  • be able to use the High Performance model to structure their management style, avert difficulties and overcome problems, by
    • Setting clear Objectives
    • Enabling colleagues to succeed
    • Giving feedback & support
    • Providing reward & recognition
  • know how to motivate others through a heightened awareness of MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) preference types (own and others’)
  • be skilled at setting and running Personal Development Plans and regular one-to-ones
  • be able to coach their team using accessible coaching and mentoring models
  • have been invited to a follow-up executive mentoring session to help put the training into practice in the workplace