Journeys of Change


‘Journeys of Change’ uses creative techniques and the Transactional Analysis concept of psychological timelines to enable participants to look the components and process of change from different and new perspectives.

The session is flexible and can be run as a fun and creative energiser using film plots as analogies, or it can be delivered from a business perspective to aid strategic goal setting and planning, using business case studies as the story.

Through ‘Journeys of Change’ participants gain a sense of perspective about change, build confidence in facing challenges, and generally have a lot of fun in the process.


½ a day


By the end of the session delegates will

  • have used positional perspectives to see change from many different perspectives
  • be aware of our reactions to change
  • have appreciated their own enabling beliefs, and worked on any limiting beliefs
  • understand the role of storytelling in the organisation
  • be able to instigate their own change
    • creating plans based on their updated assumptions and insights about change
    • aware of the Equation of Change