Selling with Pride


Selling with Pride focuses on the techniques, behaviours and processes of good commercial selling. Participants are equipped to understand the forces at play when Selling, and have considerable opportunity to practice and refine their own Selling style.

By including the MBTI diagnostic tool in the 1 ½ day format, participants get a considerably more detailed understanding of their own preferences when selling, and, in considering their prospect’s preferences, can craft strategies and tactics to optimise their Selling technique.

This highly-participatory course typically uses bespoke test drives that are written for your organisation, and so enables participants to test out techniques and hone their skills using realistic workplace scenarios.

‘Selling with Pride’ is an ideal course to attend prior to ‘Negotiating with Ambition’, and can be extended further with a bespoke session on the principles and practices of Improved Key Account Management.


1 day, or 1 ½ days with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


By the end of the programme delegates will be practiced in the steps of commercial selling i.e.

  • appreciate the Selling context and have identified sources of confidence
  • understand the distinction between Sales efficiencies and Sales effectiveness
  • have investigated buying motives and buyer perspectives and drawn insights
  • be skilled at and understand the value of questioning
  • have practiced the techniques of influencing and persuasion and received feedback
  • have practiced making proposals and received feedback
  • be able to deploy closing techniques that work
  • be able to flex their Selling style according to their buyer’s preferences
  • know when Selling becomes Negotiating
  • have been invited to a one-to-one follow up to sustain the training