Coaching & Mentoring

Included in SustrainUK training fees is a coaching and mentoring session

“James has been an extraordinary mentor to me through his patience, his non-judgmental approach, his enthusiasm and his sheer positivity about what it is possible to achieve”, MT, CEO

“He is extremely open and positive in his communication, helpful and generous in the support he offers and importantly kept me positively engaged in my development even when I felt I had hit a blocker. He communicates honestly . . . what James managed to do that maybe a friend wouldn’t was allow me to find my own answers” SN, Sales Manager

“Thank you for helping me re-discover my confidence” LC, National Account Manager

All quotes appear with the express permission of those who gave this feedback, and initials are used to preserve confidentialities.

James works one-to-one with participants following SustrainUK training programmes, and also with private coaching clients.  Included in SustrainUK training fees is a coaching and mentoring session for each participant – the single most useful thing to do to support putting the training into practice.

The follow-up sessions may be more akin to mentoring – the transfer of functional knowledge or experience from one to another – than coaching, where it isn’t assumed that the coach knows the ‘answer’ to the client’s topic; in fact, coaching rather assumes the opposite i.e. no-one’s answer or solution will work quite so well for the client as their own!

In either case the session is geared entirely towards identifying and realising the goals that the individual feels will enable their progress. In practice a coach and client will agree the most useful role that the coach can undertake, be it sounding board, confidant, co-investigator or mental sparring-partner to name but a few.

A good coach can perform an important role in someone’s development; complementing but independent of the support and guidance that a line manager can provide, the encouragement and viewpoint that peers offer, and the empathy shown by a trusted friend.

James is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach who operates to the ICF’s ethical and professional standards, and who himself works with a coach, a mentor,  and a coaching supervisor.

If you would like to hear more about how coaching works then please contact James for an informal discussion or meeting in the first instance.