Managing Time & Being Productive


When we manage time well we achieve more and use less time, and so have the choice to engage in a broader range of activities in and out of work. Simply becoming aware of the skills and behaviours of good time management will be all that some need to make improvements, but for most of us habits change only when we identify things to do that fit with our personal style – the things that will be truly sustainable. This programme sees delegates invest a little time now to save a lot of time in future.


1 day


By the end of the programme delegates will

  • have identified their own time-wasters
  • understand their own working style . . .
  • . . . and use that understanding to improve productivity
  • have developed planning skills for their own situation
  • have sharpened the competencies that tackle time-wasters
  • learned options for handling interruptions and crises
  • recognise and start to realise the benefits of managing time well