Understanding Stress & Thriving on Change


Change and the associated uncertainty are often a cause of stress to us, and can result in a lot of ‘wear and tear’ on both the body and the mind. The disadvantages of stress come at both a personal and organisational cost. At the same time we recognise that some stress can put us in a state of readiness, heightening our performance. In fact, most of us thrive when faced with some demand and challenge. This programme helps us understand the causes and effects of stress, and equips attendees to handle stress productively in a fast-changing environment.


1 day


By the end of the programme delegates will

  • understand both sides of stress and their responses to stress
  • have identified the stressors in their life
  • understand why change and conflict co-exist
  • know the risks and opportunities presented by change
  • have practised the tools and techniques of stress management
  • created their personal plan to managing stress effectively and capitalise on change