Other Training & Facilitation

These interventions are where ad-hoc needs are fulfilled from the trainer’s toolkit or particular functional experience e.g. crafting training energisers into a session to bring lightness and fun to a team awayday or company conference. Perhaps you have an in-house module that you’d like delivered by a professional trainer? Or perhaps you’d like to be trained to run your own in-house training. You may even decide that a whisky or sherry tasting with food matching would provide just the right sensory experience to round-off a planning meeting with style.

Our courses:

Having Productive Meetings

The call to action here is frighteningly familiar to most of us: we spend a great deal of time in meetings that feel neither as productive nor as enjoyable as they could.

Journeys of Change

‘Journeys of Change’ uses creative techniques and the Transactional Analysis concept of psychological timelines to enable participants to look the components and process of change from different and new perspectives.

Train the Trainer

This module enables participants to deliver their own in-house training, perhaps to roll-out a company initiative to local employees, or to train colleagues on a new system or process.