Commercial Numeracy with Confidence


This workshop gets to the heart of understanding a range of commercial trading terms and management accounting figures and calculations i.e. knowing what they’re for, and how to compute them. Along the way we’ll debunk some commercial jargon and bring some precision to the terms participants use. The course will work with your own organisation’s P&L, and is of particular interest to those who are new to a Sales role, and to those who work alongside commercial teams e.g. Trade and Consumer Marketing, Customer Services, Logistics, Finance and HR Partners. No prior knowledge or commercial aptitude is required to benefit from this course. Relief (e.g. at finally understanding something that had seem impenetrable), and revelation (e.g. in being able to use the calculator’s memory keys) and improved confidence with commercial data are amongst the common reactions to this course which declares an amnesty on ignorance from the outset.


½ a day


By the end of the programme delegates will have

  • understood how a P&L is constructed, be able to ‘read’ the P&L and be able to verify the figures for themselves
  • be numerically adept at calculating taxes, including VAT, and duties
  • understand and be able to work out both cash and % margins
  • be able to calculate the cost of a range of consumer and trade promotions including price promotions and multi-buys
  • understand how to present data with impact e.g. using the right type of graph
  • be better able to understand and challenge commercial colleagues