Having Influence, Being Persuasive


At work we interact with a range of people from within and outside the organisation. Sometimes their goals and priorities are at odds with our own. Good influencing skills underpin the ability to persuade, and enable us to have a subtle bearing on other people’s attitudes and opinions. To deploy these techniques effectively we must first clarify our own goals and priorities.

On this course participants use a variety of participatory exercises and techniques to clarify their own motivations and gain an insight into others’, receiving and acting on feedback along the way.

This programme covers influencing and persuasion techniques that can be used in a variety of workplace situations e.g. one-to-one conversations and meetings, and is of benefit to anyone who ever needs to sell an idea or a concept or make a proposal at work.


1 day


By the end of the programme delegates will

  • have applied creative techniques to help understand their wants and motivations
  • understand the perspective and motivations of others
  • have understood the value of, and be able to create and maintain rapport
  • have practiced influencing verbally and non-verbally and received feedback
  • discovered and applied the persuasive power of questioning and reasoning
  • be able to identify and resist manipulation by others
  • be able to flex their approach according to the situation
  • have been guided through action planning techniques to determine their priority to work on, and what to do
  • be invited to a follow-up executive coaching session to sustain the training