Presenting with Impact


The presenter who can convey a message with clarity and impact is both appreciated by their audience and more likely to achieve their desired outcome. Using a few sure-fire techniques and plenty of practice, participants learn to present in a memorable manner that can delight and surprise audiences. This programme is equally valuable to new presenters as well as experienced presenters who want to give more polished presentations.

‘Presenting with Impact’ also forms the first day of the two-day Train the Trainer programme.


1 day


By the end of the programme delegates will

  • have evaluated the components of great and dreadful presentations
  • be able to use a simple planning tool to prepare an impactful presentation
  • understand how we send and receive messages
  • be able to deploy the delivery “Dos” and avoid the delivery “Don’ts”
  • have practiced and received feedback on their delivery
  • identified the most important things to work on and practice to devise and deliver quality presentations