Having Productive Meetings


The call to action here is frighteningly familiar to most of us: we spend a great deal of time in meetings that feel neither as productive nor as enjoyable as they could.

In the first half of this programme participants work with the process and behaviours of productive meetings, and the second half comprises an observed team meeting followed by individual and group feedback – an important phase in adopting into practice the hallmark activities of productive meetings.

This programme is suitable for a variety of teams across the organisation, and is best tackled in groups comprising individuals who regularly come together to work as a team, either functionally or multi-functionally.


1 day


By the end of the day participants will have

  • explored and applied the processes to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the meeting; before, during and after
  • practiced each of the four behaviours required for productive meetings
  • used the ‘Team surgery’ technique to improve meetings
  • decided, either individually or collectively, how to use the time released through having productive meetings
  • had their meeting observed and recorded by the facilitator, and received both group and individual feedback
  • considered how to apply the learnings to other forms of meeting e.g. teleconferences
  • received an invitation to a follow-up executive coaching session to sustain good meeting protocols