Commercial Workbench Training

Training designed to equip commercial practitioners with the processes and skills to create better results. Models are used to promote understanding and generate insights, with the emphasis firmly on ‘tooling-up’ to apply the learning in the workplace so that your training objectives are achieved. The course outlines here show what may feature on a particular programme; of course the exact content is bespoke, designed and delivered to meet the desired outcomes for the training.

Our courses:

Selling with Pride

Selling with Pride focuses on the techniques, behaviours and processes of good commercial selling. Participants are equipped to understand the forces at play when Selling, and have considerable opportunity to practice and refine their own Selling style.

Negotiating with Ambition

This programme builds on the behaviours of being assertive, and having influence and persuasion, to understand and practice the art of negotiating with ambition. The course includes a rigorous approach to planning a negotiation - correctly identifying, valuing and using the bargaining collateral.

Commercial Numeracy with Confidence

This workshop gets to the heart of understanding a range of commercial trading terms and management accounting figures and calculations i.e. knowing what they’re for, and how to compute them.