About SustrainUK

SustrainUK is an independent limited company founded by James Garrett that provides training and coaching solutions to companies, organisations and individuals

About SustrainUK Limited :

sustrain v. to train in a manner that maximises the return on investment by identifying the right things to train, by delivering excellent training and coaching, and by ensuring newly developed knowledge, skills and understanding can flourish back in the workplace.

SustrainUK believes that training is truly worthwhile when it sustains to enable new opportunities to be seized, or familiar hurdles and problems overcome with a new approach.

Sustainability is of course a concern beyond the field of learning and development, and SustrainUK makes a charitable donation each year to offset both the trainer miles and the consumables (e.g. paper and printing for handbooks) involved in the year’s business; in 2011 over £1800 was raised for specialist autism schooling in Scotland, and in 2012 £900 raised for Rockinghorse, the Sussex & Surrey charity for sick children.

The map logs the trainer miles; so far the furthest North has been Glasgow, and the furthest South is Barcelona.

About James Garrett :

sustrainer n. person who devises and delivers training of enduring value and diligently follows-up to see that the learning sustains.

Prior to four years as Training & Commercial Development Controller for the drinks company Beam Global, James held a range of commercial Sales & Marketing roles for Allied Domecq and Unilever; devising, implementing and controlling strategic brand, account and channel plans.

James provides one-to-one Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and is an Award-winning Business Adviser to Arts & Business, the organisation that brings together the creativity of the Arts and the best of Business.

James is professionally accredited in both Training and Coaching :

  • CIPD Certificate in Training Practice (2007)
  • Associate CIPD [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development] (2008)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Certificate in Coaching Skills (2009)
  • Accredited to run MBTI [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] (2010)
  • Accredited to run Thomas-Kilmann Conflict mode instrument (2010)

James ensures that he is always undertaking learning in one form or another – what better way to identify and empathise with the challenges of learning than to constantly be learning? At present he is learning about the rigour required to earn his Diploma in Coaching, and about acquiring the resilient technique that will see him progress from a pool swimmer to an open water sea swimmer in time for the Brighton triathalon in September 2012.

James lives in Brighton with his wife Lynn.

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”
Arie de Geus, author and former Head of Strategic Planning at Shell Oil Company

Well said!