Excellent Design & Delivery

“Very empathetic style that didn’t lecture but involved and drew/took people with you” DE, Sales Manager

“Excellent course for tone & coverage” MT, Trade Marketing Manager

“Good fun, relaxed, and made me ask questions about myself” DE, Logistics Manager

“Was really impressed with this course – thought the pace, content and activities were ideal. Can tell this will be really beneficial to my future, thank you” SB, Regional Sales Manager

  • At the beginning of the course the trainer will agree with the group how they will go about making the most of the training, taking into account both the stated objectives as well as individual hopes and interests. The group will also think about learning styles, adult learning, and the expectations that participants rightly have of their trainer, and vice versa.
  • Each training course is built bespoke to the training objectives and desired outcomes, and so whilst the content and approach varies from course to course, there are one or two constants; courses will stay within the agreed scope, and will feature a wide range of activities and participative exercises scheduled to create a stimulating learning intervention.
  • Towards the end of the training we will dedicate time to crafting action plans; the practical, worthwhile steps that ensure delegates get value from their training and that objectives are met.
    • The trainer facilitates this session by challenging participant to ‘reality-proof’ their intentions e.g. to consider what is really involved in changing habits, or instigating change.
    • Participants are prompted to think about what they can do to create their own conducive environment; how do they maximise their opportunity to put learning into action?
    • Every participant on a full day training programme is entitled to follow-up executive coaching – often this is where the possibilities of newfound skills and knowledge are applied to the participant’s individual circumstances. ‘Coaching & Mentoring’ tells more about how a coach can help.